Dick Rating Guide For Adult Content Creators on OnlyFans

Dick Rating OnlyFans Guide

As an OnlyFans adult content creator, you would have received dozens of dick pictures in DMs from your clients. Have you ever considered reviewing and rating these pictures in exchange for a considerable amount? If so, what are you waiting for?

Dick rating is one of the many revenue opportunities for OnlyFans creators who review the cocks of their clients for a fixed fee. The dick rating service is a pretty simple method of leveling up your OnlyFans income and engaging with your audience on a deeper level.

This blog is an in-depth instructional guide for OnlyFans creators on how to give dick ratings to their customers in a professional manner. So, scroll down to learn everything you need to know about OnlyFans dick rating in one place. 

What is Dick’s Rating?

The term “dick rating” is self-explanatory and means what you think it means. A dick rating is when a male person gets his dick rated or reviewed by someone else. It is up to the guy whether he wants his dick rated through an online site or with his real-life partner. 

A dick rating usually comes in the form of a ten-point scale, a discussion of cock characteristics, or a critique-based review. But do you know dick rating has become an income source for adult models? If not, read below. 

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What is Dick Rating Service on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is unarguably one of the largest online adult content monetization platforms where buyers and sellers engage to share sexual content and services. For many OnlyFans users, it is a website to buy nudes of their favorite models, but for some individuals, it is a platform where they pay adult creators to view and review the pictures of their male members. 

Dick rating has emerged as an interactive way for creators to engage with their audiences, providing them with a safe space to have their dicks analyzed and appreciated. Cock rating has become a  money-making method for OnlyFans creators, who encourage their subscribers to send their dick pictures and videos for analysis. 

The cock rating service on OnlyFans is simple and straightforward, where a client sends the images or shot clips of his in the model’s DMs and requests that she review them. Your client’s preferences will determine the kind of dick rating he desires from you. 

How to Rate Dick Pics on OnlyFans?

Violet Starrr OnlyFans Bio Description offering dick rating

Are you an OnlyFans model interested in learning how to rate dick pics? If so, follow the tips mentioned below to review cocks of your OnlyFans clients and make big bucks. 

1. Master the Art of Dick Rating

In order to turn your reviews into money, you must know how to rate cocks professionally. For starters, you can watch YouTube videos, read guides, and utilize other online and offline resources to learn how to access a dick before rating it out of ten. Usually, OnlyFans models consider the following characteristics of a cock to give it a review:


When it comes to imagining a perfect cock, every woman dreams of a long one, as it tends to satisfy their sexual cravings. According to adult models, a penis that is long penetrates deeper and gives more pleasure than a short one. Therefore, when accessing a cock, the first thing you need to notice is the length of your client’s fully erected cock. For a more accurate review, you can ask your client to send a picture of his cock while measuring it with a scale from base to tip. 


The thickness of the shaft is the second most appealing feature of a penis. The wider the girth of a cock, the greater stimulation it will give to the partner. If your client needs a detailed review of his dick, tell him to measure the thickness with a string or an inch tape. 

Notable Characteristics

Considering that dicks are unique in their shapes, sizes, and types, you must look for some notable features in your client’s dick that make it different from others. For example, some dicks change their colors to red or purple when fully erected due to increased blood circulation. Similarly, some cocks have attractive and prominent veins that add to their overall attractiveness. 

Noting and mentioning these points in your review will make your customer satisfied with your approach toward a professional dick-rating service.  


Other factors that you can discuss in the review include the grooming of your client’s dick. You must notice if they are shaved, cleaned, and fully erected before giving them any points. A dick with grown hair and no grooming, on the other hand, must have lower markers.

Video or Image Quality 

This one is obvious. Direct your OnlyFans community to capture clear and quality images of the dick if they want an accurate dick rating. This point must be mentioned in your service menu, along with adding extra points for high-quality visuals of the dick sent for review. Blurred or unclear dick pictures may result in a lack of concentration and ambiguous dick reviews by the creator. 

2. Offer Dick Rating Service on OnlyFans

Once you have learned all the details and complexities of giving professional dick ratings, you can now offer the service on your OnlyFans profile. If you have never experienced reviewing cocks for money, we recommend you offer the service for free in the beginning to see how things work for you. No matter how much you learn about dick ratings, only practice in real life will provide you with the necessary experience.

So, you can either offer free dick reviews for your OnlyFans subscribers or bundle it with other services. For example, you can combine dick rating with Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or Jerk-Off Instruction (JOI) on OnlyFans. 

3. Set Price For Your Dick Rating Service

OnlyFans Menu of a creator with a dick rating example

Dick ratings are offered in multiple ways on OnlyFans, depending on the preferences and price of the service. Below is the list of methods OnlyFans creators use to give dick reviews and their prices:

Written Review

It is the simplest and most cost-friendly method to give dick ratings on OnlyFans. A model would request dick pictures and deliver feedback in the DMs. The cost of a written dick review is determined by the depth and details it contains. For example, if you are just rating a cock out of ten, the price of the service would range between $5-$10. On the other hand, if you are writing a detailed review that discusses every characteristic of your client’s dick, the price of this written review can be between $10-$20. 

Audio Review

Audio ratings are more intense compared to written dick ratings on OnlyFans. Models charge a slightly higher price for audio reviews as they are more lucrative and demanded by male clients. In an audio review, you must discuss the details of the penis in a sexy tone while sprinkling moans and ASMR tones here and there to increase intensity. The price for an audio dick review ranges between $15-$25.

Video Review

It is the most intriguing category of dick rating and a method to win big money on OnlyFans. As an OnlyFans model, you can roll up top dollar by offering video dick reviews. Your clients on the platform are visual beings who can spend their money just to see you review their male member. 

The price for a video dick review depends on the length of the video and how much skin you expose to the audience. Below are some pricing examples for video dick ratings on OnlyFans:

  • Regular video dick rating $20-$25
  • Topless or semi-nude video dick rating $30-$40
  • Fully nude dick rating $40-$50.

3. Promote Dick Rating Service on OnlyFans

Free Dick Rate OnlyFans Guide

Once you have practiced giving dick reviews and decided on a reasonable price, you can now promote the service effectively. Add the dick rating service to your OnlyFans menu card, mentioning the price of written, audio, and video reviews separately. You can also send a promotional mass message to your OnlyFans community, inviting them to send you their cock pictures and videos for review. 

Moreover, OnlyFans creators can also leverage other social media and discussion channels to inform the audience about their services, enticing them to become subscribers. You can promote your OnlyFans dick ratings service via shoutouts, stories, and posts.

4. Discuss The Type Of Dick Rating Your Client is Expecting

Did you know that dick ratings are classified into different types? If not, let us tell you in detail. It depends on your customer to choose what type of dick rating he is looking for, and it must be discussed before sharing the cock pictures. Below is a list of three types of dick reviews that OnlyFans clients may expect from you:

Honest Dick Review

It is the most common type of dick rating that clients may require. An honest dick review is a combination of complimentary, praising, and critical comments based on your observation of the dick images or clips provided. 

Flattering Review

Some of your OnlyFans clients would only expect compliments and worshipping comments for their dicks.

SPH Dick Review

This type of dick rating is on the flip side of the flattering review. Clients looking for an SPH rating want you to humiliate their dicks using words like tiny, disgusting, ugly, worthless, etc. At first, it might seem awful to humiliate someone, but once you realize it is satisfactory for your client, it all becomes easy for you. 

5. Give Improvement Tips To Your Clients

After providing your OnlyFans client with the desired review, you can also share some tips or methods to educate them on grooming their appearance and improving the health of their cocks.

P.S. A Complete Dick Rating on OnlyFans Guide 

It is critical to establish that there is no one-size-fits-all theory in dick rating on OnlyFans. Considering that everyone has different fantasies, likes, and dislikes, you are not bound to follow any specific guidelines to review your client’s dick. Just be bold and bitchy, and include the essence of sexiness in your dick review to give it an intimate feel. 

Moreover, do not forget to review all the characteristics of your customer’s cock, including appearance, size, hygiene, shape, and picture quality, to ensure everything gets covered. We hope this detailed guide has helped you understand the art of offering a dick rating service on OnlyFans.

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