OnlyFans Menu Ideas, Examples With Free Templates

Are you considering the importance of creating an OnlyFans menu and want to design a personalized one for yourself? If so, we are here to help.

Putting money and time into creating a unique and engaging OnlyFans menu can do wonders for your sales on the platform.

While many free templates are available online, creating a customized one can excite and connect your fans on a whole new level. In this guide, we have discussed every nitty-gritty of composing an interactive OnlyFans tip menu. So, without further ado, scroll down and explore. 

What Does The OnlyFans Menu Mean, and Why Is It Important?

What is the first thing you anticipate seeing when you walk into a restaurant, salon, or other service facility? The menu, right? The same happens to your OnlyFans account. Your new and existing clients can get informed about the services you are offering and their charges from your OnlyFans tip menu. On the other hand, if you do not include a tip menu, your audience will be unsure of what services to expect from you. 

Customizing an OnlyFans menu about your services and charges is an excellent way to keep your fans updated while saving you the time required to respond to every inquiry in your DMs. Moreover, uploading a service catalog to your OnlyFans account can also give your creator profile a legitimate and professional appearance. 

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OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas: How To Create an Attractive OnlyFans Menu

Do you have any ideas for your OnlyFans tip menu? Or are you looking for a guide to creating an impressive one? If yes, read the pointers below:

1. Include All Your Services on OnlyFans Tip Menu

Your OnlyFans menu is similar to a catalog that features all offered services and their prices. This way, users will better understand what to expect from you and how much they must pay. 

Although it is up to you as a creator to determine what to include in your OnlyFans menu, consider adding as many services as possible to satisfy your client’s sexual needs. Below is the list of services that OnlyFans models usually have on their menu:

  1. Custom Content: Taking custom orders is an excellent way to make big bucks on OnlyFans. It is a highly profitable revenue stream, and you can charge a price of your choice for creating a personalized video or album for your fans.
  1. Sell Used Undergarments: You can make real money by sending your used panties or other undergarments to your subscribers with a fetish for them. However, selling used underwear may increase the risk of leaking personal information, so play it safe.
  1. Dick Rating: Many OnlyFans users love getting their dicks rated by their favorite models. Add the service in your OnlyFans menu to make money by rating and reviewing cocks.
  1. Sexting: Your OnlyFans subscribers might also desire to be personal and intense with you in private chat. Sexting with your fans is another money-making option you can include in your OnlyFans menu.
  1. The Girlfriend Experience: Who doesn’t want to treat a sexy model as their girlfriend? No one, we believe. Offer girlfriend experience service to your fans and charge on an hourly basis. Remember that you must be active during the period, and the GFE might include sexting, calling, or video camming.
  1. Jerk-Off Instructions: Similar to dick rating, some users have a kink of jerking off their penis on the instructions of their favorite model. Offer manual, audio, or video JOI instruction service and charge accordingly.
  1. Findom Service: Do you have the confidence and boldness to dominate others? If so, inform your OnlyFans audience by offering dominatrix service in your OnlyFans menu.
  1. Sex Toy Control Sessions: Letting your fans control the sex toy and play with you during a video streaming is another way of making top dollar on OnlyFans. Add the service to your OnlyFans menu if you have long-distance app-controlled sex toys.
  1. Bundle Offers: Giving bundle offers is another interactive way to engage your audience. For example, if a client purchases you for more than 8 hours for the girlfriend experience, you can provide a free JOI session. 
  1. Add-Ons: Who said your OnlyFans menu must be entirely related to the NSFW niche? You can also offer services like relationship tips, one-on-one chats, or personalized videos like birthday wishes to include diversity in your OnlyFans tip menu. 

2. Set The Right Price For Your Services

Once you have chosen the services you will provide on your OnlyFans account, the most crucial step is to choose the prices. Remember that OnlyFans gives you complete control of your pricing strategies, and you can set whatever price you want for the services offered. 

Some creators start by charging $30 for a single custom picture, while others take just $5 for a custom video. So, it all depends on you to determine your pricing. However, it goes without saying that the lower the prices, the greater the likelihood of sales.

An idea of the prices on the OnlyFans menu, you can also take inspiration from the menus of other creators on the platform with similar experience levels and services.

To help you out, we have made a menu of OnlyFans services and their average price ranges:

OnlyFans Services Suggested Price Range
Monthly Subscription$4.99-$9.99
Custom Photo Album (10-15 Photos)$9.99-$20.00
Custom Video (per minute)$4-$10 
DM Sexting$10-$30
Used Panties and Other UndergarmentsStarting from $20, exclusive of the item’s price
Dick Rating (Written)$5-$10
Dick Review (Video)$15-$40
Video Calling (per minute)$2-$10
JOI (Manual)$5-$10
JOI (Live Video)$15-50
Girlfriend Experience (hourly)$10-$50
Sex Toy Control (Per Minute)$10-$30
Customized Birthday Wish$10-$50

3. Keep Updating Your OnlyFans Menu

The OnlyFans tip menu should not be a static model and should be updated regularly to see what works best for you. Stay updated on the latest trends and keep adding the hot services on the platform to your OnlyFans menu. 

Moreover, you can also play with the prices on your menu card according to the engagement level on your profile. For example, if more fans are flocking to your OnlyFans account, you can raise the prices on the menu slightly. On the other hand, if your OnlyFans business is going slow, consider lowering the costs.

Conclusively, keep your OnlyFans menu the latest and most updated to keep your fans curious and entertained. 

4. Get a Tailor Made OnlyFans Menu with The Help of Freelancers

If the online pre-made OnlyFans tip menu does not align with your agenda or vision, you might need a customized one for your profile. For a tailor-made OnlyFans menu, consider hiring a freelancer from credible OnlyFans platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

However, you must invest time and money to communicate all requirements to the hired freelancer in order to get a perfect copy. Remember that paid templates are more effective because they include personalization and graphics that can engage audiences and increase sales.

The Most Effective Strategies for Increasing the Conversion Rate of Your OnlyFans Menu

Just having an OnlyFans menu is not enough to elevate your sales; it requires a strategic approach to make your OnlyFans menu effective and an attention grabber. Below is a list of helpful methods to maximize the conversion rate of your OnlyFans menu.

Showcase Your Services Clearly

Everything in your OnlyFans menu must be appealing yet simple so users are not confused. Be explicit and bold about defining your services in the best manner to make them worth purchasing.

Maximize The Visibility of Your OnlyFans Menu 

After you have a customized and polished copy of your OnlyFans menu, make it visible and easily accessible on your profile. Some options to increase the visibility of your OnlyFans menu include adding it to your bio, sending it to your fans through the mass messaging feature, or pinning it to your profile to make it the first thing any visitor notices. 

Offer Unique Services in Your OnlyFans Menu

Your OnlyFans menu must include services that pique your audience’s interest and excitement. If you offer something that is already available on your OnlyFans posts, why would anyone buy it? So, be wise and offer only a limited number of items in your portfolio to entice users to invest money in order to obtain exclusive services. 

Stay Active on Your OnlyFans Account

Fans may have questions about the services or require additional information, which they will ask through direct messages.

Offer Bundles and Discounts

Bundling up various services is an excellent way to attract clients. Combine services such as a dick rating and a free custom picture, or offer a free custom picture in a panty if someone buys those used undies. 

Moreover, you can also offer discounts on your menu and promote it through mass messages to encourage more spending on your OnlyFans profile. For example, you can offer a limited-time flat 10% off on your entire OnlyFans menu and promote it in stories and messages to create a sense of excitement and urgency.

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OnlyFans Tip Menu: Free Templates

Here are a few OnlyFans Menu free templates that you can use as it is or use to draw inspiration for your personal one. We suggest you be creative and make a unique and personal OnlyFans menu for your profile. However, you can use the free examples below for a trial or a kickstart. 

Template One:

OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas For Pics and videos.

Template Two: 

Sample of OnlyFans Menu you can create and upload to your OnlyFans.

Template Three:

A Huge list of OnlyFans Tip Menu.

P.S. OnlyFans Menu Ideas, Examples With Free Templates

OnlyFans is a lucrative platform with endless opportunities for potential creators. To make the most of, maximize your services and present them in your OnlyFans menu attractively. The steps involved in creating an engaging OnlyFans menu include the following:

  1. Compile your OnlyFans services.
  2. Set an appropriate price for each service.
  3. Define everything clearly.
  4. Offer bundles to increase sales.
  5. Design a personalized menu yourself or hire a freelancer.
  6. Maximize the visibility and accessibility of your tip menu.
  7. Stay active on your OnlyFans account. 
  8. Keep your OnlyFans menu updated. 


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