OnlyFans Mass Message Ideas With Examples

OnlyFans mass message ideas

OnlyFans gives creators the ability to mass message in OnlyFans. In this article, we will understand and find out what Mass Messages are in OnlyFans. What are some of the ideas with examples that you could use to get more sales? 

We also discussed the idea of how frequently you should send mass messages in OnlyFans. 

What are mass messages in OnlyFans? 

Mass messages are sending one message to all your followers at one time. Most OnlyFans creators use this to send pay-per-view videos or pictures to their fans. A pay-per-view charges your subscribers a fee to let them view your content. 

Who can you send your mass messages to? You can send mass messages to the people you are following and your subscribers. The messages, once you click “submit,” are sent to all your subscribers in a few minutes. 

A mass message is a great way to announce the news to your subscribers, sell them PPVs, or initiate a conversation. 

11 Best OnlyFans Mass Message Ideas for running a profitable page: 

The following are some of the ideas for content to use for mass messages. 

  1. Starting a conversation and earning more money from a single subscriber
  2. Sending PPVs in mass messages. 
  3. Setting up a welcome message
  4. A shower video 
  5. Playing with a dildo video for Solo OnlyFans creator
  6. Rubbing oil in your body. 
  7. Playing with yourself. 
  8. Behind-the-scene videos as a PPV in mass messages. 
  9. Creating a video out of your league. 
  10. Buy one, get one free video. 
  11. Lingerie Video.

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Let’s explain each of these mass message ideas in detail: 

1. Conversation Starter Mass message: 

You can make a lot of money by starting a conversation with your subscribers. How does this work? A lot of subscribers will not interact, but if you send them a message, they love to talk to you. You can send them videos or pictures and charge them a fee for viewing them, aka sending them pictures and videos individually and charging them. 

In our agency, we use this technique to help sell and make $500 per subscriber per day by first sending low explicit content, charging them $5, and slowly increasing our prices to $100/video. This funnel is amazing and helps our creators make more money. 

2. Sending PPVs in mass messages.

Record any content and send it to your fans. Remember, subscribers don’t like it when you send them PPVs now and then, so the content should be top-notch. 

3. Setting up a welcome message

Whenever a subscriber or a fan opt-in for your OnlyFans page (free or paid), they can receive a welcome message from you. It is a feature offered by OnlyFans to creators. 

How do creators use this feature? Most of the creators use welcome messages to send a low-priced PPV. This is a good strategy, but the better way is to start a conversation with your fans, get to know them, remember that information, and make sure to tailor content for them. 

4. A shower video

A shower video is a good OnlyFans mass message idea. If you are a faceless creator, you can just record a video using a mask or just record video below your neck.

5. Playing with a dildo video for Solo OnlyFans creator

Playing with a dildo could be a long video of 5 minutes or multiple videos playing with different dildo types. It is easy to get around this. Based on your audience response, you can be more creative with it and use different dildo types. Also, you might get a lot of custom requests for using a dildo. The pricing of a custom video is always higher. 

6. Rubbing oil in your body.

Like recording a dildo video, rubbing oil in your body is a long video and could be done with different liquids. You can use oil or any other liquids to rub on your body and record different videos. 

7. Playing with yourself.

Some fans pay $50 to $100 per custom video of playing with themselves and masturbating. A lot of your subscribers will be interested to see this. 

8. Behind-the-scene videos as a PPV in mass messages.

You recorded an amazing video that got a good response; it is time for you to also upload that Behind-the-scenes footage as mass DMs. Don’t upload every BTS as a mass message unless it is very interesting and you have a lot of sex involved. 

9. Creating a video out of your league.

You are a creator creating videos with other creators or have a partner. One day, you create a video with a big creator, and it is amazing, in your opinion. Don’t publish it for free, but instead send it as PPV in mass messages. You will end up making a number of sales and get a number of custom requests. 

10. Buy one, get one free video.

There are a lot of creators with this offer. They have this offer of giving one video for free to everyone who pays a tip. 

11. Lingerie Video:

Pick 2 or 3 pieces of Lingerie and panties and record yourself. The voice and how you record should be very interesting and reveal things slowly with time.

11 Best OnlyFans Mass Message Examples: 

The following are some of the best OnlyFans mass message examples that you could get inspired from: 

  1. “Thanks for your support, I love you, baby.”
  2. “Check out my latest video I recorded with my partner roaming outside.”
  3. “This is the video I recorded for you; you don’t wanna miss this.” 
  4. “Today, we decided to do something different; we booked an Airbnb in the most expensive hotel and let the strangers watch me.”
  5. “I feel so hot today, so I choose not to wear clothes.” 
  6. “Watch this video and tell me what you think about me being on top of you.” 
  7. “I love to be appreciated by you; tell me what you think about me.” 
  8. “I chose to dance every day, decided to dance naked, and recorded it.” 
  9. “My hubby invited this man over and love to see what this bull did to me” (For OnlyFans creators in Hotwife lifestyle) 
  10. “I got to get this oil on my body.” 
  11. “I make a video while you are chatting with me.” 

How to use mass message correctly: Tips and Tricks

  1. The captions are the most important part of the PPV mass message. You should be very careful and carefully tailor the captions. 
  2. Give offers. Charge less for a PPV by using words like 50% off new content, or something you don’t wanna miss. 
  3. Pricing should be based on the label. You can also send mass messages based on labels of paying subscribers vs. low-paying subscribers. 

How often do you send mass PPV messages?

In OnlyFans, you can have a free OnlyFans page and a paid one. On the Free OnlyFans page, you can make money in ways besides the subscription. On the Paid page, your fans or subscribers have to pay a monthly fee in order to follow you and consume your content, receive PPVs in mass messages, and give you a Tip. 

You could make a lot of money with a Free OnlyFans page if you are consistent with putting more content and also sending more PPVs in mass messages. You can also publish a PPV on your public free page. 

A poll was conducted in one subreddit for OnlyFans creators, but how often they send mass PPVs. The highest number of creators send one mass DM per week. For a free OnlyFans page, you can send mass DMs two times per week. Sending more mass DMs per week is a bad idea, and this could be one of the reasons for losing subscribers and not making more money with your content.