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To start, you can fill our scouting form and share some info about you / your account. Afterwards we can have a call to know each other better and understand what you’re looking for. We will then discuss with multiple agencies to see which one is the best fit for you. Agencies specialize in different things, for example in terms of account size, category (gamer girl, MILF, etc.) or services provided (social media promotion, platforms different than OnlyFans, etc.).

Once we find a good match we will come back to you with an offer from the agency and the possibility to set up a call directly with their Managing Director to answer all your questions and see their success cases. Our service is completely free for you and you will sign an agreement directly with the agency.

Our team has years of experience in scouting and is specialized in finding, creating and working with the top OnlyFans creators. Our Network includes only the best OnlyFans management agencies in the industry as we strictly monitor their performances and the way they treat the creators over time.

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I needed to find a new agency in a short time and RARE did a great job. They understood exactly what I needed and found a better match for me.

– Sophie

Extremely professional team. Love that it’s such a hands-off experience and that I only have to apply to one place. Highly recommended.

– Julia

They really are first class on how they treat you throughout the whole application process. I was so happy with them, I referred all my friends to RARE!

– Kayla

What An OnlyFans Management Agency Will Do For You

Just Starting Out? That’s Ok

By managing every step of the interaction that your fans have with your brand, an OnlyFans Management Agency is able to help you grow even if you’re just starting off.

See the case study on how one of our partners took a new client from $1K to $10K profit per month in 30 days by particularly focusing on tips and messages, to increase the revenues from existing fans, and on TikTok for growth.

Experienced And Want To Grow?

We work with the best agencies in the industry who have experience creating and managing the top 0.01%.

It takes some time to get your account verified, use our direct link to create your OnlyFans account now.

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Lay Back And Let An Agency Take Care Of Your Account

Focus on creating great content and enjoying the lifestyle you deserve.







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Need more information? Check the FAQ below or drop us a message, one of our Client Success Specialists will be in touch with you soon.

    How long will it take to find the best OnlyFans Management Agency for me?

    It usually takes around a week. We’ve found an agency within 7 days for 86% of the creators that have applied to us.

    Do I have to pay you for helping me find an agency?

    No, our service is free for you since we have long term contracts with the agencies in our network. On top of that we’ve already negotiated the creators’ fees with the agencies, so even if you directly applied to an agency in our network you would receive the same offer as you would receive with our help (or even a higher fee).

    Do I have to sign a contract with you?

    No, you will only sign a contract with the OnlyFans management agency that is the best match for you from our network, if you decide to work with them.

    What are the fees of an Onlyfans Management Agency?

    The agencies in our network work on a commission basis, with no fixed fees, so your success is their success. We can give you an exact offer from an agency after you fill our scouting form and we have an introductory call to know more about you and your account.

    Will the agency take ownership of my accounts?

    No, you keep having full ownership of your OnlyFans and social media accounts. The agencies we work with do not take ownership of them.

    If I stop working with an agency, will they delete my accounts?

    No, the agencies that we work with do not delete your OnlyFans or social media accounts in case you decide to stop working with them.

    Will I keep managing my own social media accounts?

    Yes, you will have full control of your social media accounts and regularly receive advice on which content to create to establish your personal branding, keep up with trends, grow your followers and reduce the chances of account suspensions.

    What services does an agency actually provide?

    The agencies’ full stack teams are tailored to your brand and handle everything behind the scenes including social media growth, OnlyFans DM management, posting / scheduling content, optimizing pricing and writing captions for posts, all you need to do is create content and upload it to the shared folder of the agency.

    Can the agency manage accounts on platforms other than OnlyFans?

    Yes, in fact some of the agencies that we work with have knowledge and connections in other platforms like Fansly, Pornhub or others. And they can also help you create accounts on these platforms to generate extra revenues for you.

    Will my privacy and confidentiality be protected?

    We, and the agencies that we work with, take privacy seriously and we strictly enforce our policies to protect your confidentiality.

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