List of OnlyFans Restricted Words 2023

onlyfans restricted words

What are some of the restricted words on OnlyFans that we should not use? Using these Restricted or banned words in OnlyFans, you are exposing yourself to potentially getting banned on OnlyFans. In this article, we will understand what are some of the restricted words on OnlyFans that you should not use. 

OnlyFans in August 2021 announced through a Tweet that they would be banning adult content creators starting from October 2021, which was a major event for adult content creators on the platform. Why they were doing this? One reason is payment processors. 

Whenever a fan pays you, it is because there is a payment processor like Mastercard or Visa involved. The decision to ban creators was later reverted, but they made some changes to their platform, like banning kinks, introducing restricted words, and getting their model verification process more accurate. 

List of restricted words on OnlyFans: 

The following is the list of the restricted words on OnlyFans: 

  1. Abduct
  2. Abducted
  3. Abduction 
  4. Using any OnlyFans competitor name: admireme, Loyalfans, Manyvides, and Fansly are banned. 
  5. Animal. 
  6. Asphyxia
  7. Meet, Meetup. 
  8. Fifteen or any number in the alphabet is banned that is lower than eighteen. 
  9. Using Payment processors like Paypal, Venmo, and Cash App are banned. 
  10. Diapers, minor, 
  11. Pegging. BDSM is a highly targeted niche in this case. 
  12. Using the N-word. 
  13. Pedo, minor, child, Pedophile, and Pedophili are banned words. 
  14. Piss, poop, or anything related to the human secretion is banned.
  15. Prostituting, Prostitution, 
  16. Rape, raping, raping fantasy, kink of rape, rapist, 
  17. Suffocation, suffocating, suffocating, 
  18. Unconscious, unconsciousness
  19. Underage, unwilling, vomit, omitted, vomiting
  20. Watersports, whipping, young
  21. Zoophilia

What can get you banned on OnlyFans? 

Repeatedly using restricted or banned words could be a red flag, and they might review your account. 

You could be banned or suspended for many reasons, and one of the reasons is that you use restricted words on OnlyFans. 

Following are some of the reasons your account could be banned on OnlyFans: 

  1. Content constrain. OnlyFans is very easy to work with, and they don’t suspend accounts unless they do some major violation. The golden rule here it is: if it’s harmful, exploitative, or illegal, it’s a no-go.
  2. No copyright content. 
  3. Don’t upload any AI content or deepfake. It might be allowed, but if caught, you will end up getting suspended. 


If you are posting on OnlyFans or sending a message to your fans and using these words, then OnlyFans will show you a notification: “You can’t send these messages because of restricted words.” you need to remove these words in order to send it. 

Is there any way to bypass it? Yes, you can use a different or a shot version of it to bypass these restrictions. 

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