How To Auto-Follow on OnlyFans? 5 Best Auto-Follow Bots

how to autofollow on OnlyFans

Are you an OnlyFans creator looking to re-engage lost fans? Or do you want to know how an OnlyFans auto-follow bot can assist you in keeping track of your account’s user base? If yes, continue reading.

OnlyFans is a lucrative content monetization website focused on selling content to your active fans. In this scenario, losing fans can be a setback for any OnlyFans creator. But you do not have to worry anymore. With the introduction of highly innovative auto-follow bots, you can open new ventures of re-engagement with your expired fans. 

This blog is a comprehensive guide to the importance of using an OnlyFans autofollow bot and the best ones on the market. So, without further ado, scroll down to learn. 

Why Should I Consider AutoFollowing My Expired Subscribers?

The answer to this question is simple. As an OnlyFans creator, your subscribers and fans are your customers who spend their money to increase your bank balance, and you do not want to lose any of them. Therefore, if your OnlyFans client’s subscription has expired, you can auto-follow them to open new avenues of re-engagement.

Sometimes, the reason for a fan’s subscription expiration is that they forget to renew their subscription. Considering this, a follow-up or a message from your side can remind them to refresh their membership on your OnlyFans account. 

Even if your expired fans do not renew their subscriptions, you can still send them promotional messages, discounts, offers, and PPVs to revive their interest in your content by following them. Many OnlyFans top models have employed methods to auto-follow their expired subscribers to maintain fan retention rates.

How to Re-Engage Your OnlyFans Expired Fans

Once you have understood the significance of reviving your expired customer’s interest in your content, it is time to look into methods to do the job. Below is a list of four tried and tested ways to monetize and communicate with your expired OnlyFans subs.

1. Send Personalized Messages

Engaging with your fans personally is one of the most efficient and recommended methods to re-engage your lost subs. You can leave a positive impression on their mind by making them feel valued and noticed with personalized messages. Start your message with an acknowledgment and appreciation for their previous engagement while expressing your concern about ending their subscription with you. 

You can inquire about why they left your membership in your personalized message. For example, if they want to see something specific in your content, you can assure them to consider their preferences in the future. Perhaps they may have forgotten the expiration date of your subscription, and a follow-up message can bring them back instantly.

2. Include Your Expired Fans in Your OnlyFans Mass Messaging List

Why send promotional messages to only current subscribers when you can also include expired fans on the list? It is like casting a wider net into the sea to catch more fish. Tease your expired fans with your most recent PPV images or videos to make them reconsider subscribing to your OnlyFan profile.

Furthermore, sending PPV mass messages can give your expired subscribers a taste of what they are missing, increasing the likelihood they will renew their subscriptions.

3. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Who does not like getting and availing discounts? Nobody, we believe. You can attract your expired followers by offering them deals like a 30% off on subscription fee or a free custom video on resubscribing. You can also spark their interest with something they like. For example, offer them a content piece according to their liking if they resubscribe to your channel.

Offering these offers and sales can increase your chances of getting your expired fans back and establishing long-term relationships with them.

4. Leverage the Power of Autofollow Bots and Extensions

We live in the age of digital AI tools that can help you complete your tasks seamlessly. So, do you want someone else to keep track of your followers’ expiration dates and notify them to subscribe for the next month before they expire? Or would you like assistance in automatically following your top spenders and sending them personalized PPV messages? If so, the advanced auto-follow bots and extensions can be helpful. 

By utilizing the power of these AI tools, you can relax while these assistants implement re-engagement strategies in order to regain your lost subscribers. 

Benefits of Employing OnlyFans Auto-Follow Bots

Are you still debating whether or not to use an OnlyFans auto-follower bot? If yes, read the benefits of using an auto-follow bot and make an informed decision for your profile’s growth.

  • Automation: One of the primary advantages of utilizing auto-follow bots is that they automatically take care of your expired fans without requiring you to do anything. From including your ex-fans in mass messaging lists to auto-following them, these advanced extensions can handle everything on your behalf.
  • Identifies Top Followers: Another benefit of employing auto-follow bots is the identification of your top spenders. These bots analyze your OnlyFans account metrics to shortlist the clients that have shown the most interest in your content. Using the prioritization feature provided by auto-follow bots, you can target high-spenders or auto-follow only big fish expired customers.
  • Sell PPVs: Auto-follow bots can help OnlyFans creators maintain their PPV sales by sending promotional mass messages to existing as well as expired fans. 
  • Frees up Time: OnlyFans auto-follow bots free up your time, allowing you to focus on high-quality content creation.

The Best Auto-Follow Bots For OnlyFans Creators

After discussing the significance and benefits of employing an auto-follow bot for your OnlyFans account, let’s assess the best AI bots on the market that can keep track of your expired fans effectively. 

1. OFAutoFollowers

OFAutofollow a auto follow bot

OFAutoFollowers is a multi-purpose OnlyFans auto-follow bot that can enhance overall performance while saving you time and energy. Whether you want to identify your top spenders or increase PPV sales via the mass messaging feature, OFAutoFollowers can do it all for you. 

OFAutoFollowers understands the importance of maintaining your fan base and thus employs data-driven strategies to recover lost followers. The primary services of OFAutoFollowers are listed below:

  • OFAutoFollower is a highly responsive bot that auto-follows your expired fans instantly.
  • The bot helps you identify your top fans by showing each fan’s spending, billing, and status in the chat overview. 
  • OFAutoFollower filters your expired fans and only follows back accounts that have previously shown interest in your content and spent money on it. 
  • It is a multi-tasking Chrome extension that sends personalized mass messages to your existing and expired fans to ensure they appear at the top of the receiver’s DM list.
  • OFAutoFollower increases overall sales by promoting PPVs and custom content via mass messages to your OnlyFans community.
  • OFAutoFollower is a safe-to-use Chrome extension that safeguards your personal information.

2. BuddyX

BuddyX Autofollow bot

BuddyX is a valuable and productive asset for OnlyFans creators, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their subscribers. It is an all-in-one toolkit that unlocks the door to the ultimate management of your OnlyFans account. BuddyX, among other helpful features, allows you to follow your expired fans with a single click. This advanced-level auto-follow bot keeps scanning your followers and notifies your fans about refreshing their subscription before it expires.

Furthermore, BuddyX enables you to create pre-defined mass message scripts that you can send with a single click when needed. This innovative bot ensures sending personalized messages by adding the recipient’s names so that they appear in the priority list, increasing the likelihood of being viewed. Some of the services of BuddyX include the following:

  • BuddyX automatically follows your expired fans, increasing your chances of resubscriptions.
  • With BuddyX, you can save your PPV and custom content scripts and send them via mass messages when needed.
  • This auto-follow bot helps you identify your top fans by labeling their subscription status and spending in the chat list.
  • BuddyX automatically renews your expired subscriptions, saving you the time required to do it manually.
  • This innovative Chrome extension offers a “chat timer” feature to ensure you give prompt responses to your fans. 
  • BuddyX allows you to create a priority-based chat flow by knowing each client’s availability and spending.

Is it Worth Hiring An OnlyFans Auto-Follow Bot?

Yes, it is. Many of the top OnlyFans creators use advanced AI tools like auto-follow bots to monitor and maintain their fan base. Moreover, an OnlyFans auto-follower bot’s work is not limited to reaching expired fans only. Instead, these innovative assistants help you identify your top spenders through data-driven approaches and establish re-engagement strategies to maximize your growth on the platform. 

P.S. How To Auto-Follow on OnlyFans? Best Auto-Follow Bots for OnlyFans?

Although there are hundreds of thousands of auto-follow bots on the internet that claim to be the best in their field, we recommend that you choose only the trustworthy ones that offer various features to improve your overall performance. Furthermore, as an OnlyFans model, your privacy must be your top priority, and you must protect it by only providing your personal information to trusted extensions.

We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about OnlyFans Auto-follow bots.