How to Create Free Trial OnlyFans Page Link?

How to Create Free Trial OnlyFans Page Link?

This is a guide for OnlyFans creators to create a Free trial link for the promotion of their page and get more subscribers.

With more than 300 million users on OnlyFans, you have a golden chance to make money by posting your videos and pictures. But here’s the deal. There are more than 3 million content creators, so the competition is fierce. 

Some creators have been around for years, so why would someone choose to pay for your content? Creating a free trial might be the answer, and this article will tell you about the best and easiest way to create a free trial of your OnlyFans page. 

What is a Free Trial On OnlyFans?

This is a promotional period, where people can view all your premium content for free. It’s different from the teasers you typically offer, but it’s like you’re offering all your content without a subscription. This promotional period can last for up to a month, depending on how long you want this promotion to last. 

You can offer a global promotion that everyone on the platform can benefit from, or you can choose specific people who enjoy this promotion. In the first case, everyone can enjoy your content for a limited period. In the second one, you click on certain users’ profiles and only allow these specific subscribers to enjoy your content. 

A screenshot of a creator offering 50% off on her OnlyFans page

Why Should You Create a Free Trial of Your OnlyFans Page?

Before we dig deeper into the topic, you might be asking yourself, why should you create a free trial?

Well, first, you need to understand that although people are willing to pay for good content, they must first realize that it’s good. You might have posted many sassy videos and sexy pictures that subscribers don’t know about because they usually check out the content of the creators they already know. 

The average OnlyFans subscription costs around $7.20, with some subscriptions going up to $49.99, and while it doesn’t seem like much, many people subscribe to various creators. They want to know that this money is well spent. 

So, you want to give people a little teaser of what you have to offer. A little taste of your juiciness will tempt them to pay the full subscription to your page. 

How to Create a Free Trial of the OnlyFans Page?

There are two ways to create a free trial of your OnlyFans content. Luckily, both are quite easy, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy or a computer geek. And it won’t take much time, so you’ll still be able to focus on creating good content. 

But before you begin, you must understand how OnlyFans works. With other websites and platforms, people can enjoy a discounted or free subscription for a certain period. After the free trial ends, they’re automatically subscribed, paying the full amount to view your page. 

This is not how OnlyFans works. Once the free trial period ends, subscribers will lose access to your content. They won’t be able to check out any old or new content unless they manually re-subscribe and pay the fee. 

A free trial OnlyFans page promotion

Here’s how to create a free trial. 

Free Trial For Everyone

This is a straightforward way to offer free content to those who want to enjoy your content. All you have to do is go to the Profile Settings and choose “Start a Profile Promotion Campaign.” 

Once you pick this option, you can either go for a 100% discount or specify the discount you want to offer. You can then set the promotional period between one and 30 days. Before the promotional period is over, you can DM your followers or some of them to remind them that the free trial is about to expire. 

Free Trial For Some Users

Without creating a link for everyone, you can choose some users’ profiles. Click on the three dots in the top right section of the page and then select “Give Discount.” This means that you’ll be providing discounts to specific users. 

Each user you select will receive a notification that they’ve received a promotion to access your page and watch your content. Once the promotion expires, they will receive the same notification. After that, they can subscribe to watch all your pictures and videos. 

Is Creating a Free Trial A Good Idea?

Do all content creators offer free trials? No, they don’t. Some of them would never offer free access to their OnlyFans profiles. Some offer a free trial for a limited period, then never do this again. 

Free trials aren’t that popular with all content creators because of content theft. People can access your free content and take screenshots, download, or screen-record your videos to be able to watch them whenever they like without having to subscribe. 

Moreover, they can upload your content on other platforms without your consent. Not only will this negatively impact your earnings, but it also deprives you of collaboration deals with several websites and platforms. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing to do if people take your content for free and watch it alone or share it with friends. However, if they upload this content to any other website, you can file a complaint and have this content removed. 

The second risk of free trials is related to freeloaders. These are people who are always on the lookout for free trials. They will watch your content only when you offer it for free. 

After the promotional period has ended, these people won’t pay for your content. So, you’ll spend time, energy, and money trying to create appealing content to lure them. But, they’ll never pay. Instead, they will wait for another free trial opportunity. 

In What Other Ways Can You Promote Your OnlyFans Content?

Setting up a free trial seems tempting, but it shouldn’t be your only marketing tool. It should be part of a comprehensive marketing policy to attract more subscribers. How to promote OnlyFans?

Promoting your content and offering a free trial to gain new followers is a good idea, but you don’t have to do this for everyone. Some subscribers will sign up and pay for your content, even if you don’t offer them this free content. 

So, you should only use this tool with those who won’t subscribe. You don’t want to waste your content because you won’t gain any money. 

Offering free trials too often doesn’t make sense. If people know that they can watch your videos and look at your sexy photos without a subscription, they won’t be tempted to pay. 

So, how can you promote your content other than using free trials? Luckily, there are several ideas to choose from, so you can guarantee that more people have access to your content. 

  • Create an always-free OnlyFans profile instead of a free trial. This is a profile that serves as a teaser and will always have free content, which will be less juicy than the one you offer on your main profile. 
  • Schedule posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, currently known as X. These two platforms allow for some pornographic content with some rules, so make sure that you follow them, or your content will be removed. 
  • Create safe-for-work content that won’t be rejected on different platforms like YouTube. Although many platforms have strict rules regarding nudity and pornography, you can tease people with your pictures and videos, promising them juicy content that they can watch for a fee. 
  • Respond to all comments on your posts. Being responsive will make you more popular on the platform. 
  • Ensure that you offer something unique and different to stand out among other OnlyFans content creators. You can find a specific niche to appeal to your subscribers or offer something that isn’t OnlyFans-related and would still interest followers, like cooking. 
  • TikTok has a strict nudity policy, but it has one of the best algorithms and will help you find your target audience using hashtags. 
  • Create dance or lip-sync challenges on your TikTok page to get fans hooked. They will follow you and look for your OnlyFans page. 
  • Respond to Reddit posts and create subreddits with links to your profile. Reddit is a big community with millions of users, so you’ll find people interested in your content. 
  • Do promotional shoutouts where you promote the content of other creators. 
  • Collaborate with content creators to promote yours. 
  • Promote your content in real life by flying an airplane with your website’s URL at a concert or give out mementos with a printed QR code that leads to your page. 

PS: How to Create a Free Trial of OnlyFans Page

A free trial is a good way to promote your OnlyFans content by offering a teaser. You’ll show potential subscribers what they will receive when subscribing to your profile by setting a free trial for everyone or some users. 

Free trials don’t renew automatically, so you’ll have to remind people that they have to pay for a subscription. Yet, some content creators aren’t big fans of free trials because their content might be stolen. 

Luckily, there are other tools to incorporate into marketing your strategy. So, even if you set up free trials, you shouldn’t offer them all the time. 

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