OnlyFans Banned Kinks: What Are They?

List of all the OnlyFans Banned Kinks

OnlyFans changed the landscape of the adult content industry. It’s one of the best tools that pornstars and adult content creators can use to share and monetize their content without working for large adult websites. As a result, many content creators prefer to work on OnlyFans so they can work according to their own terms. 

Being creative is the key to success on OnlyFans. After all, there are currently millions of creators who compete for subscriptions. But does this mean that there are no rules to follow? Are there some restrictions you should be aware of? 

As a successful content creator, you should be aware of all the banned OnlyFans kinks, as incorporating any of these themes into your content can get your account suspended and even permanently banned. This article will tell you all about those kinks. 

Why Does OnlyFans Ban Some Kinks?

Remember that OnlyFans aims to allow content creators and consumers to satisfy their needs. OnlyFans Creators can make money, become popular, and achieve financial security without being used or abused, while consumers can satisfy their urges and cravings and have fun without exploitation. 

OnlyFans aims at granting pornstars and adult content creators freedom and control over their work. But it does have some limits. 

These limits aim at protecting content creators and subscribers at the same time. They mainly focus on ensuring that all parties participate, take part, work, and subscribe to this platform consensually. As a result, there will be no legal issues because people agree to whatever they post or watch. 

Moreover, these banned kinks ensure that content creators don’t participate in harmful or dangerous practices. Some people can get carried away while creating adult content and might get overboard to score more views. 

But by sticking to the guidelines of the banned kinks on the platform, you ensure your safety while and after creating content. At the same time, subscribers know it’s safe to watch content and enjoy it on OnlyFans. 

What Are the Banned Kinks on OnlyFans?

Some kinks are banned on OnlyFans based on their nature or how they affect others. As a content creator, you should revise the list of prohibited kinks all the time, making sure that you don’t include any of these themes in your videos or posts. 

Consent is the number one concern for OnlyFans developers and creators. This is why any form of lack of consent, even fake, is banned. 

First, all content creators and anyone who takes part in the process of creating videos, taking photos, or posting live streams should be an adult. If you’re a minor, you can’t access OnlyFans. The website asks to verify their age and identity before posting any content. All forms of content that target minors are banned, and posting them will get your account suspended. 

Fictional lack of consent is also banned. So, abduction, for example, is forbidden. BDSM is allowed, though, but extreme content that involves intense control and giving up power is restricted. 

Pretending that you’re unaware or unconscious is strictly forbidden. So, although in BDSM roleplay scripts, the Sub can surrender to the Dom, participants shouldn’t pretend to be sleeping, unconscious, or even dead. Hypnosis and mind control practices aren’t allowed. 

Zoophilia or Bestiliaty

The developers and creators of OnlyFans are legally bound to ensure that all content creators are conscious. So, content that involves interacting with animals, like zoophilia and bestiality, is banned. As a matter of fact, you can easily go to jail if you post such content online. 

Dressing up like an animal or role play is allowed, though. This is a popular kink, so you’ll probably have many subscribers interested in this type of content. But any videos or pictures that involve real animals aren’t allowed on the platform. 

Physically Violent and Extreme Content

OnlyFans keeps updating its terms and conditions regarding what is allowed on the platform. For example, it will allow BDSM content, but it has some restrictions regarding the type of BDSM that creators and subscribers can engage in. 

All types of intense BDSM practices are banned on OnlyFans. These involve the ones where creators might be inflicting enormous pain on one another and those that can be potentially harmful. 

Extremely rough and rape-related content is banned. Extreme fisting that involves inflicting pain and hurting your partner will be removed, and some subscribers might even report you to the authorities. 

Strangling or hitting another participant violently isn’t allowed, even if it’s part of your niche and is incorporated into a screenplay. Sadomasochistic, body modification, and torture practices are banned, even if they’re part of a solo performance. 

Emotional and mental harm is also banned. So, although Doms can engage in mental domination, it should be done within reason. For example, a Dom can’t ask a Sub to give them all their money or write property in their name on the platform. However, they can participate in financial domination games within limits. 

Incest and illegal relationships between members of the same family aren’t allowed on the platform. Even if the participants are adults, engaging in such practices can get you in trouble. Moreover, fictional incest consent isn’t permitted on OnlyFans, so you can’t pretend to have sex with your brother or father. 

Emotionally-Draining Content

The concept of violence is quite broad on OnlyFans. So, not only does this platform restrict all practices that can lead to physical pain, but it will also prohibit content that negatively affects people emotionally. Bullying, harassing, degrading, and humiliating subscribers and content creators aren’t allowed. 

Content creators can’t ask their fans to neglect their health, leave a spouse, or ignore a child. If a subscriber reports that a content creator was the reason they lost property and money or suffered from household issues, this creator will get into legal problems. 

OnlyFans won’t only ban your content if you physically harm someone but if you even threaten to use a weapon in a fictional context. 

Any content that promotes physical harm is to be banned. So, you can’t ask your followers to hurt themselves if you’re in a Dom/Sub agreement. All videos and pictures that promote suicide or self-harm aren’t allowed on the platform. 

Public Sex Content

Public sex is a popular fetish, but it’s not allowed on OnlyFans. You can only post content you’ve created on private property that you own or have written permission to use. Any public content is banned, and your content will be removed. Sometimes, your whole channel will be suspended, and there will be no way you can restore your content. 

If you choose to record any content on public property, even if you plan to take a picture, you should ensure that you have legal permission to use this property. This means that taking pictures or recording videos, for example, is clearly allowed. If you fail to present such permission when asked, your channel will be suspended. 

You should also ensure that you have written legal permission that allows you to use the facility of someone else. If other people appear in your pictures or videos, you should ensure they’re OK with this with written proof that shows you aren’t liable for any emotional or financial damage. If not, you must digitally alter your content to avoid legal issues. 

Bodily Fluid Content

Orgasmic bodily fluids, sweat, and saliva in spitting are allowed on OnlyFans. Other than that, all other types of bodily fluids and excrement are banned. 

Even if your fans expressed their love for an extreme niche that involves other bodily fluids, you can’t comply because you’ll risk having your OnlyFans content banned.

This applies to all types of watersports, scat play, blood through wounds or menstruation, vomiting, and even breast milk. Posting any of these in a picture or video or talking about them in a live stream or a private message isn’t allowed. Some of these kinks are quite popular, and some might sound naughty but not extreme, like breast milk, but OnlyFans doesn’t allow them. 

Medical Content

All types of content that involve unaware participants aren’t allowed on OnlyFans. So, you can’t incorporate any recreational drugs that lead to intoxication in your content creation process. 

This includes medical drugs that alter and affect consciousness, alcohol, and other chemicals that can make participants unaware of the consequences of their actions. Pretending to use these drugs is also banned. 

In addition to drugs and medications, medical instruments are banned. Even if you’re a certified doctor, you can’t incorporate medical devices into your content, including dilators, enemas, needles, or anything that can be used in a medical setting. 

Erotic Interactions With Subscribers

OnlyFans allowed to interact with your subscribers on the platform. So, you can’t use your OnlyFans channel to announce erotic services or personal meetings with your fans outside the platform. 

Unfortunately, some content creators think that they can offer their fans exclusive rewards by meeting with them or engaging in sexual relationships with them after talking with each other on OnlyFans. This isn’t allowed, even if both parties consent to this interaction, and as a content creator on OnlyFans, you’ll be banned from the platform. 

P.S. Banned Only Fans Kinks

OnlyFans can be an excellent tool to embark on a journey of success and financial security. As an adult content creator, it allows you to make money from your content without being controlled by major porn content creators.

But this platform has some strict rules regarding content creation, and breaking them means you’re risking your platform. 

OnlyFans posts regularly about banned kinks that shouldn’t be included or referred to in any picture, video, live stream, or message. The platform takes these banned kinks seriously, so you can’t even talk about them, or you’ll have your content removed and your whole channel suspended. 

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